About Us

We are a not-for-profit community group who help people harvest, share and enjoy locally grown fruit. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Add yourself to our directory of Backyard Orchards
  • Attend a Backyard Harvest or other event
  • Organise an event

Add yourself to our directory of Backyard Orchards

Do you have fruit going to waste in your garden? We can harvest it for you and share it among volunteers and local groups.

Just add your details using our online form and we’ll get in touch when we’re planning a harvest in your area.

Attend a “Backyard Harvest” or other event

We organise harvest events in the Autumn, and anybody is welcome to come help with the harvest and sharing of fruit.

We’ll announce the events through social media (currently Facebook and Twitter).

Facebook: fb.me/Orchard.Cdf

Twitter: twitter.com/OrchardCdf

Note: Confusingly there are 2 other organisations calling themselves “Orchard Cardiff” on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you’re following the right one!

Organise an event

Get in touch with us through Facebook or Twitter if you’re interested in arranging a harvest or other fruit-centric event in your part of Cardiff